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Draw Alongs

I love drawing with kids. It's always the highlight of any school visit for me. After visiting a second grade class in 2014, a teacher asked if I ever thought of posting my draw-alongs on YouTube. Truth is, I had, but I wasn't sure anyone would watch them -- there were so many great drawing tutorials already, AND back in 2006, I worked on a TV pilot about drawing that sadly never got off the ground. The teacher encouraged me to post at least one for the kids that missed my visit, so I did.

I wanted it to be more than just a drawing tutorial, so I added a talking mug and called it, "Draw with Skip." (Skip was a nickname I often used as a pseudonym.) I was shocked when it got a few hundred views in the first week, so I made more. Last I checked, those videos have over 83,000 views!

After not posting a video for a while, I decided to update my presentation, shed the "Skip" moniker and reunite with my ol' pal, Mug!


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