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Bedhead Ted

In 2006 I wrote a children's book called "Bedhead Ted's Laundry Basket Adventure." I pitched it to several publishers who all gave me the same feedback-- "We really like the character, what's HIS story?" My original idea didn't really explore Ted's backstory, so I was encouraged that they at least liked the main character and wanted to learn more. I struggled to rework the the story and put it on the back-burner. Over the years I've chipped away at it, writing several variations.

A few years ago I decided a graphic novel would be the best format and began mapping it out. Everything really started to come together and I completed a rough draft this time last May. It's been a true labor of love , so I decided to just go for it and start illustrating! I'm learning a ton and I'm enjoying the process. It's been taking a long time squeezing it in between other projects, but I'm hoping to have a complete book by the end of the year.

I decided this blog would be the perfect place to share my progress, so meet my friend Ted...

And his best friend Stacy....

More to come.


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